If you are moving, then you may be all ready to start packing up your belongings so they can be transported to your new house via your moving truck. If you are trying to reduce your costs, then you may decide to use some of the things you have around your house to help with the boxing. However, it may be a mistake to simply use what you have on hand. Keep reading to learn about a few things that you should not be using to pack with.


Many people use newspaper to wrap their breakable items. While newspaper can work in a pinch, the inks can cause some issues. Most newspapers use vegetable-based inks to create both color and blank ink. However, some inks contain chemical agents that can be harmful. These include binders, ingredients that speed up drying time, petroleum-based minerals, and other chemicals. BPA is one such binder that is often used and is linked to liver damage. Also, compounds called arylamines are sometimes found in the ink and are linked to cancer. These inks can easily transfer to your dishes and you may then ingest them in larger amounts than usual.

Also, some pieces of fine and antique china can actually be stained by inks, especially the petroleum-based varieties. The inks can reduce the value of your china significantly. 

If you want to reduce concerns associated with newspaper ink, then use newsprint paper instead. This type of paper is non-archival paper made predominately from wood pulp. The paper is basically the blank and low-quality paper that newspapers are printed on. The paper is cheap, easy to use, and will not cause any health issues. Also, the newsprint paper is typically printed in much larger sheets than the traditional newspaper. This means that fewer pieces need to be used and it is easy to wrap larger objects with a single sheet. 

Not only is the newsprint good for wrapping breakable items, but you can place it in gaps in your boxes. This helps to give the box support so it cannot be crushed. 

Scotch Tape

Many people like to use a complicated fold where the box flaps are folded over one another. This is seen as secure and a good way to reduce the need for tape. You may be surprised to find out that the folding simply does not add enough strength to the box. Actually, there is no difference between intertwining the flaps and folding them normally when it comes to strength. The strength comes from the tape that you add to the seam afterwards. You only need a single piece of tape as well, but you do need to use the right type of tape.

Specifically, you should not use the scotch tape that you have around from the last Christmas holiday. The tape is not covered with an adhesive that is strong enough to hold the contents in your box. Also, packing tapes are made to withstand a great deal of weight. There are a variety of factors that are used to create and design packing tape that include tensile strength, strong backing material, good stretch or elongation, and a thick construction.

When it comes to buying your packing tape, you want to look at a few different things and decide between general use packing tape and commercial or heavy duty tape. The weight of the package, the stability of the contents, box length and width, and the thickness or grade of the cardboard should be considered. For example, if your box is tall and wide and will be packed with heavy items, then a heavy duty tape should be used.

If you want to know more about moving and the best materials to use for packing, speak with a moving specialist. Click to read more.